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  • The primary purpose of the Association is to unite and represent all entrepreneurs, co-operatives and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in all strategic forums with the ultimate objective of enabling them to meet their economic and social needs and aspirations.


  • We aspire to be a preferred representative of entrepreneurs, co-operatives and SMEs by 2021.

The primary objectives for which the association is established are as follows:

  • To unite all entrepreneurs, co-operatives and SMEs for sharing of ideas in order to meet their common economic and social needs and aspirations;
  • To represent and/or be the voice of entrepreneurs, co-operatives and SMEs in local, regional and global strategic meetings, conferences and/or seminars;
  • To source funding for viable projects of entrepreneurs, co-operatives and SMEs;
  • To create awareness of the potential of a co-operative market economy and to promote co-operative entrepreneurship and economic democracy;
  • To contribute towards employment-generation and poverty alleviation in Lesotho, the SADC region and the rest of Africa;
  • To provide training in entrepreneurship, co-operatives, and SMEs management;
  • To promote the spirit of co-operation and the principles of co-operatives and to inculcate the culture of co-operative entrepreneurship;
  • To advocate for self-reliance, economic independence and financial freedom;
  • To encourage and enhance participation of entrepreneurs, co-operatives and SMEs in all sectors of the economy;
  • To source business opportunities for entrepreneurs, co-operatives, and SMEs.